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Junda horse glass beads sandblasting and road marking

Honest horse glass beads produced according to the standard of many countries as follows,




Chinese Standard

GB / T 24722 - 2009 No.1, 2, 3;

Korea Standard

KSL 2521 No.1 and 2

British Standard

BS6088 Class A and B

American Standard

AASHTO M247 type 1 and type 2

European standard

EN1423 and EN1424

Turkish Standard

TS EN1423

New Zealand Standard

NZS2009: 2002

Taiwan Standard


Japanese standard

JIS R3301

Australian Standard

A, B, C, D.


We can produce according to your standard request.

It is always used for sandblast painting and road marking,

The usual package: 25kg bags, then into big bag