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micro grade garnet sand

1. Free grinding:garnet sand has features of high hardness,high specific weight,and moderate self-sharpening advantages.It can be used in free grinding in field of marble,optics,optical glass,electronic lens,horologe used glass,crystal glass,polished glass,glassware,mono-crystalline silicon,teletron,instrument and apparatus,leather,
jade ware,etc.

2. Coated abrasives:For its high hardness,high specific weight,and moderate self-sharpening advantages,garnet sand is raw materials to process grinding wheel,abrasive cloth,high fine abrasive paper,oilstone,grinding paste,etc.
3. Resin abrasives: Garnet sand has features of moderate color,good hardness,high tenacity,proper particle fracture surface and suitable cutting edge retention.It can be used as the ideal extenders to replace 20-30% brown?aluminium?oxide applied in resin abrasives.

4..Functional fillers:For its wear resistance,acid-resisting,alkali-resisting,it is used as extenders to produce DRC-Durable Rubber Compound,wear - resistant plastic and non-slip paint and many other new pattern products.It is also used as cement extenders to make efficient and wear resistance cement,widely used in building field.It is the advance materials used in constructing expressway,airplane runway,wharf,hotel doorway,parking lot,sports sites,industrial ground,exterior wall decoration,Interior Decoration,wear resistance terrace,etc.  Using micro grade garnet sand to coat floor tile surface, the permanent wear resistance floor tile can be made, largely improving the wear resistance,skid resistance and strength performance.