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HONEST HORSE filter sand is a hard rock garnet and is mined from an almandite garnet deposit. It is ideal for use as the water filtration grained layer in multi-media systems. HONEST HORSE garnet filter sand provides uniform physical characters, chemical and microstructure characteristics. There are no free elements. All oxides are combined chemically as an iron-rich aluminosilicate, which has the formula: Fe3AlO3(SiO4)3. It is as polishing layer for removal of suspended solids down to 1μm, which combined with silicate sand and anthracite filter.

Thanks to it heavy specific weight and stable chemical properties . Our garnet sand 20-40# can be used as the bottom media of filter bed in water filtration of chemical industry ,petroleum ,pharmacy ,cleaning drinking water or waste .It is one of the most cost effective alternatives for water filtration beds to replace silica sand and gravel in water filtration ,Especially it can be applied in beneficiation of non-ferrous metals and oil drilling mud weighting agent, because it resets the filter bed more rapidly after the filter bed is back-flushed.

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