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1. The production ways of glass beads

Glass beads are usually flame flotation method, the flame float method is a secondary molding method, the basic principle of flame flotation method is to break the waste glass into a certain size of the particles, and in a certain way to the glass particles into the flame, In the role of the flame, the glass particles soften, melting,molding, annealing then become glass beads.

2. quality control

A.raw materials
All raw materials are qualified products with product testing reports.
B. molding
In the production process, molding is the key of product quality . On the furnace temperature control, the number of units and raw materials scattered uniformity, the introduction of wind and other equipment in strict accordance with the operating procedures.
annealing is the necessary way to improve the strength of the product, the temperature is critical. We strictly according to set temperature, the annealing speed can not be fast, nor slow, to ensure the timeliness of the annealing process.
We use advanced detection equipment, to control the step quality , substandard products can not be stored.
All the product reach international standard , like European EN1423 and 1424, the United States AASHTO M247, the British BS6088, Japan JIS R3301, South Korea KS L2521 and other requirements.

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